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The immortal Jimi Hendrix proclaimed that one day girls would ascend to power in the World of Rock & Roll.  Dropping Bombshells are determined to join the ranks of those wonderful women that Jimi envisioned.  


Our aim is pure and simple: it’s “Making Rock & Roll Great Again” (as we sing in the song of the same name from our forthcoming debut album “Girl Ambition”).  But we can’t do it all on our own.  We need YOU.  So, won’t you “Give Us Girls a Chance?”  After all, “When the Universe Conspires, There’s Nothing We Can’t Do!



In his entertaining and highly informative autobiography “Sing To Me…” LA Reid states that his ultimate goal is to discover artists that can transform popular culture.  And that’s exactly what we aspire to do (hit us up LA, we’d love to sing just for you!!!).   Audacious?  Absolutely!!!  But you need to be if you hope to change the world!

Know this, while we aim to entertain, Dropping Bombshells also aspires to provoke thought and, ultimately, to inspire.


 We’d love to join with our listeners and help create a “Bombshell Nation” in which the message is undeniable: that “You Can Be Whatever You Wanna Be…” and that “You Can Do Whatever You Wanna Do…Yes, You…and You…and You…”  And when we sing “You,” we mean ALL of you.  Let’s make this crystal clear: “Girl Ambition” isn’t limited to just females.  Everyone is warmly welcomed to become a member of “Bombshell Generation”.  After all, “It’s All About What’s Inside, In Your Heart and In Your Mind…


Dropping Bombshells hope that you accept our invitation.  We sincerely thank each and every one of you for giving us a look and a listen.  Because, yeah, “We Wanna Be Your Girls…and We Wanna Rock Your World…”  But at the end of the day, “We Just Want the Whole Wide World to Dance!!!

So, Dear Friends, we’d like to cordially invite each of you to “Join, Join, Join Our Party!!!”  But please understand, Dropping Bombshells is about so much more than just “Having a Good, Good Time…”  Bombshell Nation is about Love, because “Love Is Love, No Wrong or Right…”  Bombshell Generation is about “Acceptance, People,” because “Love Is Love…Not Straight or Gay…”  In Bombshell Nation everyone is strongly encouraged to “Make a Stand” and proudly proclaim: “This Is Who I Am!!!




“To the Top of the Charts” (God willing)

“From the Bottom of Our Hearts,”

With All Our Love & Gratitude,



       MERRI B   —    DORA D   —     KASEY LEE     —     REMI V                      



"Boy Band (iN LOVE, CAN'T WAIT)"

"Wickedly Clever, Unabashedly Fun, Teen Flick/Music Video Guaranteed to Make You Wish You Attended Bombshell High!!!"

 more videos coming soon!


Meet "SHELLI" - Our MaScot

                              Requiring  no  sleep,   SHELLI   is  a  24/7,  365,   BADASS  AMBASSADOR   for   BOMBSHELL  NATION !!!

                              Requiring  no  sleep,  SHELLI  is  a  24/7,  365,  BADASS  AMBASSADOR  for  BOMBSHELL  NATION!!!


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